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In a world painted with data and guided by experiences there will be little tolerance in the visual display of too much data. Manufacturers of Smart IoT products however are doing their very best to simplify the user experience component at least. Companies such as PTC and Reflekt AR for example are creating enterprise tools using augmented reality to visualize technical data for predictive and prescriptive maintenance. There is a chasm however to be crossed when it comes to simply creating and distributing big data visually ‘in a proposed AR Cloud’ or Fog architecture, and this is driving intelligent companies big and small to consider edge computing from a value proposition standpoint. In order to create something that delivers value, analytics, data science and ultimately use cases will be the determining factors in creating a Smart Data Ecosystem, designed specifically for the IoT space. While the Cloud is transforming technology architectures as we understand them today, Fog is the upgrade which promises true data ubiquity. Fog computing architectures are true distributed models, and these will be designed to connect and transmit data efficiently.  Fog computing is the current answer to distributing quantitative amounts of data quickly and utilizing nodes which then speak with several IoT or Smart devices, referred among technologists as edge computing devices. Edge enables hyper-connective smart devices. These are devices which are collecting and communicating data constantly. Large tech companies in the meantime are not only exploring edge computing for IoT but also trying to work out some fundamental problems in taking legacy data storage and transforming them into valuable purposeful data. Success in this new digital transformation will be measured by end user adoption and the ability to take unique data points and turn them into tangible value that can be experienced. Ultimately to experience this data, Mobile, Wearable AR, MR, Spatial and...

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