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Designing Our Future

XR reminds me of the early days of Cinema where opportunity was wide open. With every potential fear of failure there was something new and refreshing that was birthed out of curiosity. We are in a time and space that’s ripe for curiosity and exploration. Here is an opportunity to “hack our code” not only as individuals but even corporate culture.

Re-programming our processes in which we create and collaborate. As we move into automation of jobs XR could offer a new ecosystem and major paradigm shift that drives more diversity, creativity and innovation. How will we train for jobs that don’t yet exist and reimagine our future? We design it.

Through XR, we can build new worlds and start to virtually “beta test” our future. How do we start to think about what we will do with that extra time as artificial intelligence becomes second nature in our work and day-to-day lives. If we can embrace these emerging technologies and infuse them with the proper input XR will be a great place to build. As a filmmaker I’ve enjoyed how XR bridges the gap between so many wonderful trades, disciplines and talents. It’s like being at the beginning of cinema over 100 years ago with creatives and technologists pushing the boundaries and now you can take that same process and cross-platform all these rich experiences.

This brings to mind why XR is a good investment. As it relates to intellectual property XR offers revenue expansion for pre-existing IP. Let’s not forget about the libraries of content ripe for XR’s transformation. By leveraging an XR ecosystem you can take one IP across multiple revenue streams from VR, AR, Mobile, Gaming, Education and more without recycling the same experience and enriching the experience through various touch points.

Now assets have a longer life cycle and we can start to rethink our acquisitions and pipelines so we can maximize XR’s full potential for creative collaboration, job creation and revenue generation. We have a golden opportunity to design our future and program a promising new ecosystem.

As the Co-founder of GRX Immersive Labs we are dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in emerging technologies and immersive storytelling.

Not only do we create XR experiences we educate the next generation on how to build these transferable skills so they can reimagine their own future.

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Alton Glass

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