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I am the Founder of Immersion VR Fest. India’s 1st AR/VR Film Festival & Conference which was held 1st/2nd March-19 in Mumbai. Over 600 People turned up for the two-day event without any press or media support.

We had over 45 speakers who spoke across different industries such as education, healthcare, enterprise plus entertainment & gaming, an addition, two breakout areas with a 30 seater space to consume immersive entertainment content and another space for socially impactful content kept the crowd engaged & hungry for more.

Curated Workshops to Initiate Students into basic AR App building and another to Ignite the Imaginations of enterprise on XR present day business use cases & Its potential was well received.

India is a growing Economy, 1.3 Billion people plus the largest youth population in the world makes it a hard-to-be ignored market but somehow the Global Giants fronting the XR Industry have missed out India completely.

The 399 $ Oculus Quest is retailing on Amazon India for over 1000$, 4999$ Insta 360 Pro2 is selling for over 8700 $ in India.
Neither Oculus, HTC, Hololens, Magic leap, PimaxVR, Samsung or any other International HMD’s have launched in India.

As a passionate Evangeliser who is committed to Build India’s XR Industry I am upset with the way we have been treated & do not see a point in waiting for these Tech behemoths to drive the XR Industry here.

After Immersion VR Fest, I am building another Platform which I believe will be a catalyst in shaping India’s XR Growth Story:

XR-OM [ Home of Extended Reality]

A place for all things related to Extended Reality here in India. It has a large vision & will start with
XR News & XR Bazaar, XR News will be an India specific XR News platform, with audio/video podcasts, product reviews and un-boxing in english and local languages.

XR Bazaar will a classified, buy, sell, rent, distribution model XR-OM is designed to play a role in push driving adoption, build a community & shape India’s XR growth story.

I Personally got into XR because of Its potential to re-imagine & re-design reality, today we have the tool’s with which we can someday redesign reality…..

Let's Build together & let us build a world that will make our future generation proud.

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