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Imagining New Realities

Growing up as a kid with an overactive Imagination to now being a software engineer during the rise and growth of XR content is a dream come true for me. My mom would often tell stories about how growing up I’d have these large scale storylines and events happening with my toys. My Ninja turtles would be at war with the transformers and holding a hazy truce with the Power Rangers. In my mind experiences and people are really just a collective , just one large intertwining story that we all get to share a piece of .

The power in developing XR content to me is having the ability to give people the opportunity to be the center of both mine universes and their stories in a way where my imagination and their full engagement and interaction synergize together to create something incredible and new .

XR has grown to be so much more than entertainment in the past years . XR content is being developed to help people with pain relief in new innovative ways, it is being used to help rehabilitate and reintroduce parolees to a world that’s changed while they were serving time during incarceration , we are even finding new ways to educate children and bring them to places across the world or let them relive historical events in ways that would have been thought impossible just 30 years ago all from the comfort of a classroom.

I get approached constantly with new exciting opportunities and I have to fight myself constantly not to rush to every brilliant and exciting project I see offered because there are so many new and revolutionary applications to Immersive technology and we are in the golden age of experimentation , prototyping, and learning what it means to truly immerse somebody in an experience in a way that is more rewarding , informative, and intuitive than more traditional methods we have adjusted to through simply tapping a screen or buttons for decades.

Now years later as a man my imagination , creativity, and those of the many awesome people I work with come together to create seamless impressive experiences that either grip users and bring them to the center of our worlds or put our experiences in the center of their worlds and their literal living rooms , driveways, or their streets .

Truly XR to me is moving towards being the next great leap in technology that transforms education , medication , rehabilitation , socialization , and what we understand about entertainment and user engagement.

If you like me are imaginative , skilled within technology, curious, and hungry to innovate I don’t think there’s a better space to be involved in . Within XR we are capitalizing daily on creativity , experimentation, and innovation to streamline and make content that engages people and causes them to interact in real ways like never before. It’s an incredible time to be an imaginative creator.

Jonathan Jennings

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