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ebony vr-com 7706 Lakeshore Court Riverdale, Georgia 30296 USA
Products & Services:We use Oculus Go along with other developers that meet our criteria Date Founded:2/20/2017 Number of Employees:1 - 5 employees

ESL Techs Inc.-Ebony-VR provides virtual reality therapy to assisted living facilities and other aged adult communities.

Established in 2017 We are the first African-American VR company that focuses on Cultural VR experiences in nursing facilities

Our product helps aging seniors keep their brains active and engaged, as an alternative to traditional activities. By offering facilities access to virtual reality services, we help residents achieve positive therapeutic health benefits. We strive to help seniors live their best lives in their twilight years.

engages in the acquisition and development of Virtual reality (VR) technology.

The company offers clientele, the browser-based and Web-enabled VR experience platforms;

Not only do we offer VR experiences…

We showcase “ethnic” VR experiences of choice, convenience, ratings, and reviews with the benefits of being immersed in a different culture…

We believe in the importance of “learning” how to walk in someone’s else shoes..”

Earl Leach, an entrepreneur in Atlanta, is using VR in nursing homes to help residents experience places new and old, aiding recall, and providing much-needed relief from the monotony of assisted living. “Our focus is on providing VR experiences to the Aged Adult community. We bring the necessary equipment to the facility. We work closely with the facility staff and families to identify the appropriate experiences. Research has shown it to be a positive experience which adds to the quality of their lives.
– Charlie Fink, Contributor Consumer Tech for Forbes 10/25/17

ESL Techs also uses various forms of technology, such as VR/AR and XR

We hope to create an interactive yet intimate connection with audiences from all over the world;

We plan on creating employment for “Foster” children to assist seniors with the equipment.

ESL Techs. was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia


7706 Lakeshore Court Riverdale, Georgia 30296 USA

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