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Freelancer 99a Boulevard Constantin Descat, Tourcoing, France
Products & Services:Project manager for 360° film production or Virtual Reality project. It can be in France or anywhere in the world. Date Founded:08/02/2018 Number of Employees:1 - 5 employees

After three years at the head of Clap & Zap, a virtual reality and 360 ° video content creation company, I acquired skills in project management including immersive media, business management and public relations.

Having participated in numerous events on new technologies, I notably trained myself to understand the workflow for augmented reality,  holograms and artificial intelligence.

I’m becoming freelance with a consequent address book: Customers, partners, service providers, national and international.

That’s why I offer you my services as a project manager not only in the fields of immersive technologies, but also in film industry and event coordination, where I carried out projects even when I was the C.E.O of Clap & Zap.

I wish to  contribute my abilities to agencies – startups and brands.

Based in Lille – North of France – happy and willing to go wherever your offer takes me.

99a Boulevard Constantin Descat, Tourcoing, France

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