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Making portals out of pixels Dunston, Stafford, UK
Products & Services:Shared VR environments, VR Projections, VR Box, Projection Mapping, Projection Domes, CAVE's Date Founded:2015 Number of Employees:6-10 employees

PixlPortal is a versatile projection company. Designed specifically to provide open-access to immersive projection environments and drastically improve the accessibility to complex and advanced projection installations.

We create 360 projection domes, cylinders and CAVE environments all designed and created in-house, with the mission of creating portable and affordable environments for our clients in an increasingly visual world.

Our environments help our clients step inside their subject, data or VR and not only can we help you create your VR content but we offer a range of ways to control it. Including gesture control, motion tracking, touchscreen projections, gaming controllers and remote PC.

Your usability is our focus. So we provide and advanced yet simplified UI to ensure your projection environment works for your bespoke needs whether you are a charity, entity, individual or organisation, our environments are opening up the immersive-world and taking out of a headset.

Dunston, Stafford, UK

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