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Plott 69 King st, Dover, NJ 07801
Number of Employees:1 - 5 employees

From idea, to virtual, to reality Plott’s award-winning Extended Reality Platform known as “LetsPlott” allows users to conceptualize, design and measure in the AR virtual world, then bring their vision to life with actionable, turn-by-turn directions by making the designs possible for real world creations. It is a combination of immersive technologies that enables our users to change their own physical environments from concept to completion without the need to do any math or calculations. Simply measure and design in the LetsPlott app and hardware will guide users to precise, real world points to complete their project.

Currently, the #1 reason people don’t do DIY projects is because measurements are too complicated and projects rarely come out the way one expected it to look. When doing research, my team and I found that 80% of first time DIYers fail to measure accurately on their first attempt and as a result, simply do not want to pursue another project.

Spend less time jotting notes and working out math, so you can focus on your own DIY vision. Cubit brings your vision to life so you can finally get those photos hung on the wall, commit to the new chair that fits in your apartment’s floor plan, or hang new shelving in your kitchen.


69 King st, Dover, NJ 07801

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