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Products & Services:AR Development for brands and products Number of Employees:1 - 5 employees

REVL is a digital consumer engagement product using AR (Augmented Reality) without a need of an application.

Imagine viewing and interacting with 3D objects in real-time, directly from your mobile web browser

We are going through unprecedented times where people are home and have more internet time to themselves, as a brand owner you want to take maximum advantage of this to capture your audience’s attention.

REVL is a brand-friendly approach to consumer engagement through AR. We create web links which can be accessed on mobile browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari and make them accessible through a link such as, on any Android or IOS mobile device.

Because it doesn’t need an application to perform REVL has the widest reach which is accessible by anyone with a smartphone making it the most shareable engagement medium.

AR provides average dwell times of 75 seconds, which is 4 times longer than a video adding to that AR experiences have known to generate 70% higher memory responses in people.

With the increased use of social media nowadays and the ever-increasing interest of people in AR makes it a perfect untapped market waiting to be exploited.

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