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Sama Learning

Marketplace for Virtual Reality Courses Berkeley, CA
Products & Services:Subscription-based courses for university and career education. Date Founded:October 2016 Number of Employees:1 - 5 employees

At Sama, we are developing a data-driven marketplace for the creation & distribution of virtual reality-based courses.  The US workforce is facing a daunting challenge created by the Fourth Industrial Revolution where it is estimated that more than 50% of American workers will need some level of upskilling or reskilling.  And, the American education system is not producing enough graduates, particularly in STEM majors, from US universities to fill the 1.5 million open STEM jobs in the US. Both of these challenges have one thing in common-learning and at Sama, we’re putting virtual technologies, artificial intelligence and education science in the hands of content experts to unlock the learning potential inside of every learner.

Sama’s Virtual Reality Learning Platform, even in its earliest versions, is producing a full letter grade improvement in learning.  And, in some courses, we are reducing the failure rate to zero. Immersive technology like VR is ideal for hard-to-learn subjects, high risk or high cost training not only because of the advanced visualization it inherently provides, but because it is the ideal environment to implement new ways of teaching that can significantly improve learning AND the bonus is that VR now gives us the ability to do it at scale.

Sama is the VR curriculum platform of the future.  We are creating entirely new ways of instruction for training and education.

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Berkeley, CA

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