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Virtual Reality Company and Virtual Reality For Training
Number of Employees:1 - 5 employees

We at Simulanis are a multi-award winning Ed-Tech company leveraging Augmented (AR), provides virtual reality for training (VR) and 3D simulation technologies to develop cutting-edge interactive, engaging and immersive products for learning & training. Our products cut across a range of sectors in the engineering and manufacturing domains to better skill individuals.

In October 2016, we emerged as runaway winners of Education India 2016, a unique program conducted by a US-based Venture Capital fund, Village Capital, in association with Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, as part of which they selected the 10 best education-focused companies out of 200 across India, and put them through a rigorous peer-reviewed assessment over 3 months – with the winners receiving investment from Village Capital, which we secured on the back of winning the competition

Experiences play a pivotal role in consumers buying decision. Unfortunately, many of the conventional advertising methods are losing their effectiveness in today’s rapidly changing digital age. Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies help brands engage with consumers by enabling experiences they will remember virtual reality for training.

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