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Society in the near future will eventually encompass EverythingVR™️ from Education, Entertainment and E-Commerce

Anesio Neto

We not only have a duty, but also a responsibility to share immersive technology with everyone we know. XR will help us create and share content easily all over the world, providing a new way to teach, learn, act, express ourselves and even connect with each other.

Neilda Pacquing


Immersive tech will have a permanent place in education and training. I look forward to the day when VR and AR become a normal part of our professional and K-12 classrooms.

Amy Hedrick

CEO, Co-Founder of Cleanbox Technology

Over the next several years, people will go from expectation to reliability on communication through VR and AR.

Kai Frazier

Educator & Founder, Curated x Kai

How can a student aspire to something, if they don’t know it exists? In my digital classroom, virtual reality gives students the gift of exposure. Thanks to VR, they can experience new careers, ideas, sounds and locations never before possible.

Priscilla Koukoui

Chief XR Officer, Backlight

Virtual is the New Real

Kari Wu

Co-Founder, Screen Door Labs

AR redefines what we can see, percept, and experience.

Resh Sidhu

Creative Director Virtual Reality of AKQA NYC

Old ways of thinking bring the same old results, but when you are working in an undefined space, there is no tried and true process to fall back upon - new ideas and experimentation are the only ways to succeed in the Virtual Space.

Rania Reda

Founder & CEO of Augmania

Not only can AR marketing revolutionize customers experience, but it can also influence their buying decisions. AR's ultimate goal is to provide value to its users, through memorable experiences for audience, and huge traffic and recognition for brands. That's why it is marketers winning card.

Evan Sitler-Bates

Co-Founder of XpertVR

VR and AR are the future of cost effective and safe training in the workplace!

Laura Hall

Laura Hall, The VR Girl

Look in the headset and you will never think about the way the outside of it looks ever again.

Alina Mikhaleva

Co-Founder of VR Studio Spherica

Lack of high-quality engaging content remains one of the obstacles for VR growth.

Antony Vitillo

The Ghost Howls VR Blog

AR and VR may not be the present, but they're surely the future. See you in the Metaverse.

Chris Fischer

Wildlife 360 (VR) Filmmaker

The true power of immersive media is shared experience, you don’t watch something, you experience it.

Chris Holt Gardner

Founder/CEO of Creative Feels LLC

Experience is the true currency of life; make it creative.

Wade Stoddard

CEO at Mind Fusion VR, Training Evolved

We are all building what one day will be the Metaverse.

Devora Mason

VizTech Solutions

One of the obstacles we are facing in AR/VR development is the mainstream adoption and easy to access content. As a specialist in the Tourism and Cultural VR, I see the museums as microcosms and as Real Time Beta Sites for creators & developers to enhance the user & visitor experience through the testing and integration of VizTech solutions throughout.

Ela Topcuoglu

Start VR

I always wanted to work in an industry with no rules, and that is exactly what you get here. We have the potential to create intricate experiences that tap into the human condition. The experiences we create today are the stories of tomorrow.

Jeffrey Jacobson

Ph.D Consultant

We may occupy physical space, but we really live in psychological space. VR and AR technology give us a new and powerful way to share our personal realities and to create new ones.

Dot Lung

Mother of Social Media Dragons

With 360 Media and Virtual Reality its the wild Wild West. There are no rules, there is no playbook it’s a free for all.

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