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Face AR technology, virtual try-on solutions, SDK Banuba FZCO, IFZA Business Park, DDP, 27540 - 001, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Products & Services:1. Face Filter SDK 2. TINT SDK 3. Video Editing SDK Date Founded:2016 Number of Employees:51-100 employees

Banuba is a computer vision lab that focuses on the development of Face AR technology. The primary endeavor of the Banuba team is the creation of augmented reality SDKs, meticulously designed to infuse applications and websites with the most captivating face filters, 3D masks, facial animations, and AR beauty attributes.

Banuba’s technological innovations are channeled into two key domains — AR communication and AR commerce. In the realm of AR communication, we enable individuals to express themselves and communicate artistically. In the sphere of AR commerce, we empower brands to connect with consumers by employing AR to showcase their products.

The suite of Banuba SDKs and tools encompasses a range of capabilities:

These tools are adaptable to multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, HTML5, and Unity.

Salient features of our technology include:

  • Optimized 3D face tracking tailored for early iOS and Android devices.
  • Robust rendering capabilities that facilitate the execution of engaging and lifelike face filters, complete with animation, triggers, physics, occlusion, and support for real-world lighting.
  • A suite of Effect Constructor and Viewer tools for the rapid construction, testing, and previewing of effects.
  • A comprehensive catalogue featuring 1,000 AR effects that developers can acquire through purchase or licensing for integration into their applications.

Banuba technology powers an array of applications:

  • Virtual try-on apps that allow users to experiment with glasses, jewelry, hats, accessories, and various face-related enhancements across web and mobile platforms.
  • Makeup simulators and hairstyle apps for beauty brands, featuring “magic-mirror” product presentations in various colors, shades, and lighting conditions.
  • Photo and video editing applications, where users can refine and enhance their content with a single tap.
  • Social applications enabling users to create professional photos, short videos, and stories enhanced by filters, animations, and style transfer effects.
  • Games with integrated video chats, facilitating collaborative streaming and play.
  • Video conferencing software that permits users to alter backgrounds, apply touch-up filters, and experiment with makeup effects.
  • Camera apps like those tailored for dating, music, and karaoke, offering users the ability to interact with each other or themselves while enjoying augmented reality entertainment.
  • Interactive photo booths that captivate audiences with on-the-spot immersive experiences.

The advantages of partnering with Banuba encompass:

  • The capacity to create immersive cross-platform AR applications using lightweight and optimized SDKs and camera features.
  • Engaging users through dynamic face-altering filters.
  • Capturing the attention of younger audiences via real-time virtual try-ons and makeup simulation.
  • Elevating video calls by introducing touch-up filters and enhancing privacy with virtual backgrounds.
  • Encouraging users to generate and share content organically, enriching videos with AR overlays.
  • Sustaining user engagement through regularly updated AR content.
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