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Using 3rd Gen Biometric VR Technology to eradicate accidents and fatalities at the workplace 295 Hagey Boulevard, Waterloo, ON, Canada
Products & Services:EXO Insights is a unique and versatile workforce training solution for safety, research and process optimization. Our platform immerses trainees in VR environments, and collects immediate behavioral data that can’t be gathered through observation. EXO Inisghts is comprised of two integrated elements: First is a VR simulation where individuals, or multi-role teams, physically perform and interact in a life-sized operative environment for the purpose of instruction, practice or certification. Training scenarios may replicate any level of work group complexity, multiple variations in tasks or challenges, life-like emergency hazards, and real-time audio or visual interactive feedback, support or supervision. Second, is an analytics system comprised of discrete biometric sensors, real-time monitoring, and performance reporting. Sensors capture and process physical interactions, eye movement and other biometric data, which is then displayed in for instructors and administrators. Individual and work group knowledge gaps, behavioral patterns, performance measures and operational deficiencies are identified in our reporting protocols. Compact and portable with military-grade components, EXO Workforce is easily deployed in the field with minimal technical, physical or support resource requirements. The system is tailored for work groups that are tasked to perform complex, interrelated routines with multiple dependencies. Success Benchmarks EXO Workforce understands we must achieve three benchmarks for client success: Adaptability – design applications that are seamless realizations of our clients’ technical, operational and business specifications Scalability – implement programs that support and serve the evolutionary growth and portability of our clients’ assets and resources Safety – demonstrate successful and consistent safety, research and process optimization outcomes for our clients. Competitive Advantage Traditional training and technology-enabled simulations focus on established routines, tasks completed or simple equipment operation. But what prepares operators for the actual experience of a mission? How do you prepare for the unpredictability of human behavior, unanticipated hazards or misaligned operational processes? EXO Workforce brings attention to awareness, judgment, and decision-making. The result is increased competency, safety and productivity, and actionable insights into individual, or team, performance in normal and extraordinary situations. Our competitive advantages: EXO Workforce compared to traditional training programs • Immediate and more memorable application of classroom concepts • Realistic, immersive first contact • Readiness enhanced via simulated risks, failures, and accidents • Consistent evaluation criteria, verified reporting • Cost savings from more efficient resource allocation EXO Workforce compared to existing technology-enabled simulations • Totally immersive ‘you are there’ experiences • Multi-role, mission team capability • Behavioural analysis via biometric sensors EXO Workforce compared to Human Performance (HP) and Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) services • Maintain regulatory and best practice standards • Deeper insight into what works • Test new operations and safety processes Number of Employees:1 - 5 employees

Heavy Industries have always been in my blood. Mining, Energy, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure. They carry the future of mankind on their shoulders. Yet, along with it, a dark spot: accidents and fatalities, no matter how much workers are trained. Either the complexities and the sheer amount of energies that are contained in many of these operations frequently prove to be fatal to man. In 2015 alone more than 5,000 fatalities were registered in North America, one of the most developed regions in the world.

This is why, 10 years ago when I realized the potential immersive technologies had to simply assure workers get back to their homes alive, everyday, I fully dedicated myself to safety and skills training in the VR and AR spaces. One fascinating aspect for me is the intelligence and data these technologies generate to eradicate accidents in the workplace. These are the true engines of our business innovation for me. Over the past nine years, I’ve assembled a superb team of technologists and business sector experts, and delivered solutions for many global businesses and brands and a few case studies like for BHP Copper Mining and Drillco Drilling operations. EXO Workforce is now sought after as a valuable solution partner in a range of industries.

I continue to drive our own focus on innovation, integrating biometric sensors, data visualization and behavioral analytics into our VR/AR applications. The data we collect and process produces the clearest signals, and with each solution we take the technology and clients’ business value to the next level. My goal is to produce a competitive advantage that can power innovation, productivity, safety, and cost-reduction for every client.

I would love to hear from you and your ideas, problems and opportunities! We can certainly team together and develop the training standards for the worker of this new era! Please do get in touch!

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