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Creating the Future of Marketing

“This changes everything” is what I seem to say to myself at least every few weeks while I’ve been working in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  It could be as simple as people changing the terms, “It’s XR now” or “It’s all about Spatial Computing, really.”  But it’s more about the technology shifts: the new software, the new hardware, the new companies being launched. It also is about the artists creating new experiences with the technology. Both have the opportunity to change the conversation about what is possible. For our company We Are Phase2, it’s all about Marketing. It’s about how to explain and promote these new technologies and what’s possible to those who are interested in buying, investing, and using them. It’s about how an advertiser or brand could use the technologies for marketing campaigns. Although the technology is 20+ years old, the ability to engage with XR on a mass scale is just beginning. The tech is “emerging” which means that it is changing, shifting, improving all the time. It means that developers are working fast to create the newest and best solutions. Artists are experimenting with what is possible to push the boundaries of the technology. It’s all tremendously exciting, but how does a business outside of the industry incorporate these technologies, and how do developers communicate the value of their innovations while outpacing the competition? That’s where we come in. We Are Phase2. The idea is Phase 1 is the new technology, and Phase 3 is a successful launch. What happens in between? Phase2. My partners Debra Davis, Jennifer McBride, and I founded We Are Phase2 because we noticed the disconnect between what emerging technology companies say and what innovative companies and brands need. Even those with the titles “Innovation” have a hard time seeing everything that’s out there and what’s...

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