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Spatial Computing + Advanced Analytics + 5G: a huge opportunity for real smart cities implementation

The Exponential technologies are reshaping the ecosystem of the workforce, and the workplace is every day more digital at every level of the organizations. When we give a look and rethink its whole dimension, we can envision new perspectives of opportunities and challenges involved. When we talk about the future of work, we usually think of robots, machines, human replacement. But that’s the simplistic vision of the future. But some of the more relevant elements for the future of work are the access to information, tools, and collaboration platforms. Is how easy it is to learn a new skill because the online courses give an almost-infinite list of contents. It is also a possibility offered by the state of the hardware and software related. But of course, and I don´t need to confess the bias I have, is the power of Spatial Computing as the convergence of immersive realities and advanced analytics. Now is the moment where the famous slogan from Xerox PARC is more relevant than ever: “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” But before advancing, let’s go back to remember the industrial revolutions and our moment in history. First, we acquired the experience and the evolutionary conditions to be the humans we are today. Then we developed the capacity to build and establish cognitive artifacts that complement our ability. And finally, we learned how to make cognitive artifacts that bring us the possibility to acquire competencies that we can´t have been just humans. We designed machines, planes and in the last decades we developed computers, and now we are improving our capacity with exponential technologies. As we can see, this actual moment called the 4th industrial revolution is coming to us as a great opportunity. The new relation between skills requirement, work, and talent is, at the...

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