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Travel immersion through virtual storytelling New York, NY, United States
Date Founded:2015 Number of Employees:6-10 employees

360Stories is developing the next level of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) storytelling. By capturing 360-degree footage of the most amazing cities on earth, and augmenting that content with real stories sourced from local communities, we are building an unmatched database of quality stories about historic and touristic destinations. We believe that this content is the key point which will attract users, especially travelers, to our AR app in the future. This app will incorporate multiple layers of content (including a 3D historical reenactment, architectural coatings, and a cinematography mix) over the existing surroundings to render an immersive augmented reality. We believe that AR is the future of travel and exploration, and our focus is to be the world’s leader in this content.

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