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Acumen Technologies Group Inc

LIVEb4buy 1154 Sonora Court, Sunnyvale, CA, United States
Products & Services:Retail AR , VR Solution via Mobile Phones and Tablet. LIVEb4buy develop SaaS apps for ShopOwners on their eCommerce Platforms like Shopify , BigCommerce , Magento and so on. ShopOwners can install our app on their eCommerce platform to push their product , product images, pricing information to LIVEb4buy platform. Shoppers can download LIVEb4buy to make an interactive shopping with their choice of shops ! Date Founded:Jan 2014 Number of Employees:1 - 5 employees

LIVEb4buy - for Shoppers to Look . Interact . Validate . Engage

LIVEb4buy – for Shoppers to Look . Interact . Validate . Engage

LIVEb4buy (Pronounced as “LYV bi-FOR BY”) offers In-Store Shopping Experience Online. Our aim is to mimic instore shopping experience by bringing the Shop – 360° virtually to your computing devices like Laptop, Tablet & on Mobile Site. Your InStore shopping experience will be enhanced when you visit the store using Virtual Reality Gadgets like Google Cardboard, Samsung VR Gear. Also, you will be able to add the products available in the shop to the Shopping Cart by your voice command. All those products added to the shopping cart will be available in Augmented Reality Viewer to Validate the products in your physical environment before you make a purchase decision.

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