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Aeroplane AR / VR

A Digital Creative Agency specializing in Virtual Reality Borchtstraat, Mechelen, België
Products & Services:Tailored virtual & augmented experiences VR AR application worshops (industry-related) Tailored Virtual asset creation Date Founded:march 2017 Number of Employees:1 - 5 employees

Aeroplane is a digital creative agency specializing in prototyping and high-end, virtual reality (VR) based visualization, evaluation and user testing tools. From experiencing architectural walktroughs to immersively testing retail storeconcepts, service touchpoints, product experiences or production environments…

We enable our clients, their customers and their staff to experience brands, services and products with high fidelity in a more engaging way and on a deeper level than through traditional media. Wether it be for storytelling, testing, educational purposes or all of the above.

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