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Immersive 3D Visualization, Collaboration & Data Integration 245 Menten Place, Nepean, ON, Canada
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Arvizio’s MR Studio™ is a powerful software platform designed to optimize and accelerate many phases of the engineering design workflow, industrial site planning, training, simulation and other processes. MR Studio supports a wide range of spatial data formats and allows users to ingest, process and prepare their complex 3D models for viewing in HoloLens and MR headsets. MR Studio integrates seamlessly with existing IT systems and enables local and remote participants to collaborate utilizing live audio, video and 3D holographic content. MR Studio offers engineers, architects, construction workers, trainers and other stakeholders the unique ability to place a virtual model in the environment where it will operate, view spatial restrictions or other obstacles, identify potential design issues and ensure that the finished concept meets the requirements. The ability to view and interact with a virtual 3D model serves as an essential, and cost-saving, method to present an object or design without the need for a physical model, identify potential flaws early in the process, and provide a positive customer experience.


MR Studio™ Solution Architecture

The Arvizio MR Studio platform combines advanced 3D visualization, real-time collaboration and data integration in a single comprehensive solution with three key components:

  • MR Studio™ Director – An extensible platform that manages the full MR experience including import, processing and preparation of complex 3D models optimized with automatic Level of Detail (LOD). Director also provides real-time sharing, collaboration, data integration and annotation capabilities.
  • MR Studio™ Immerse – A mixed reality application for complex 3D holographic model viewing and collaboration. Immerse enables both standalone and fully synchronized operations with MR Studio Director. It allows users to load, rotate, zoom and manage models as well as view integrated data.
  • MR Studio™ Remote – Provides cross platform remote collaboration for web browser based devices. It provides active viewing and full participation for customers and internal stakeholders in the mixed reality experience without the need of a mixed reality device.
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