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3D Augmented Reality for everyone! Enschede, Nederland
Products & Services:Affordable Augmented Reality headsets combined with dedicated software Date Founded:06-02-2017 Number of Employees:6-10 employees
Experiencing 3D Augmented Reality

Experiencing 3D Augmented Reality

The Aryzon headset allows anyone to experience immersive volumetric Augmented Reality (AR) at a super affordable price. Do not wait any longer and see how you could use the headset today!


With Aryzon you simply use the power of your smartphone to experience the immersive world of volumetric 3D Augmented Reality

  1. Affordable
    – Use the full power of your smartphone
    – The design make use of everyday materials, keeping the headset lost cost, durable and recyclable
  2. For Everyone
    – Intuitive and functional, the headsets only requirement is your Smartphone
    – The headset is designed in such a way that (almost) every smartphone -regardless of the operation system- fits.
  3. Smartphone
    – What’s cool about your Smartphone is the fact that it is always connected. Download new apps on the go, as they become available.
Exploring the possibilities Aryzon

Exploring the possibilities Aryzon


The camera recognizes a marker object or scans your environment (ARKit/ARCore).

Your smartphone makes a virtual map of its environment and calculates where, precisely, the holographic object should be positioned.

Thus rendering a stereoscopic image, which is reflected onto the visor through a set of high-quality Fresnel lenses.

When you look through the Aryzon headset, you will see a vivid, holographic, 3D image in your real-world environment.

Jamie Hyneman Using the Aryzon Headset

Jamie Hyneman (Mythbusters) Using the Aryzon Headset

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