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Archaeological sites present additional challenges to engage their audience. Visitors need to make an extra mental effort to imagine how a given
asset was, how it works, or how people lived there. Current communication services in the majority of these places are anchored to old systems
like information poles or audio guides, with null interactivity and poor storytelling power. By this way it is really difficult to captivate the audience
beyond the minority of those who are truly passionate about history. This challenge takes special relevance and has a huge potential in Europe, as
leader in number of historical locations of great value recognized by the UNESCO. Improving the attractiveness of this sites would not only rise
awareness of their value, but also help to address serious constrains affecting their sustainability and profitability.
IMAGEEN proposes to change how archaeological sites are perceived and experienced by enable a journey to the past to live how a place was at
a given time. We have developed itineraries of audiovisual contents for the visitors of ancient cities and archaeological sites that can be displayed
through their own mobile devices (Smart phone or tablet) or by using Virtual Reality glasses with 360 ° technology. IMAGEEN mobile app presents
a wide range of functionalities adapted for the whole family to learn and enjoy history.
Our strategy is to create IMAGEEN itineraries sharing a common thematic (e.g. Roman empire), to promote and put in value the cultural heritage of
a whole region through the achievement of co-investment and co-exploitation agreements with the corresponding public managing entity. Thanks
to this ambitious roadmap, we expect to experiment a high company growth and internationalization, reaching €33M sales and 30 new jobs by

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