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Lampix transforms any surface into a smart surface. 1412 Broadway, NY, United States
Date Founded:2015 Number of Employees:11-20 employees

Lampix is the developer of the Lampix device, which transforms any flat surface into a smart surface using machine learning and computer vision. Since starting Lampix in 2015, the Company has acquired paying clients such as Bloomberg, PwC and large retail chains. Lampix has a pipeline of more than 200 notable companies who have inquired about the Company’s technology and Lampix device. In Fall 2016, Lampix was among the 2 percent of companies who were accepted at the Highway 1 accelerator in San Francisco. Additionally, the Company won Best Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality company at the SXSW festival, the largest festival of its kind in the world. To enable Lampix to reach its full potential, the Company must build a billion-picture-and-description database.

PIX Cryptocurrency

Lampix is creating a new blockchain that will hold {image, description} datasets of real-world objects. This data is a vital prerequisite for augmenting reality systems ranging from smartphones, wearable glasses or their own Lampix product. The cryptocurrency, or PIX token, will be used to grow the data ecosystem through purchases and payments. You can learn more about Lampix and the company’s progress at

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