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Turn native CAD into low poly FBX files in minutes 124 E Hudson Ave, Royal Oak, MI, United States
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Use ONU 3DLite and stop struggling with CAD conversion and tessellation! If you have native CAD, it can be converted to a low poly FBX file in minutes. Stop the Retop and visit to start your trial today!

CAD Conversion

Drag and drop to convert and tessellate all of your native CAD files! ONU creates high quality polygonal meshes from any CAD format, including STEP, IGES, SAT, Parasolid, Solidworks, JT, ProE/Creo, AutoCAD, CATIA, Rhino, and NX. All part numbers and hierarchies are retained, so they can be referenced in your 3D experiences and integrated into other backend systems.


As your CAD is converted, it is automatically optimized, providing lightweight meshes with up to 100x reduction in density! Whether you’re targeting AR, VR, web, or mobile, our proprietary optimization algorithms will yield a high quality result every time. Identical parts are automatically instanced to reduce geometry and draw calls.


Once you have an optimized 3D visual, use our defeaturing tools to remove the unnecessary components. Take advantage of our automated tools to remove any parts on the inside that reduce performance, but would never be seen otherwise. Defeature manually using our heat-mapped views to help identify the parts that are breaking your poly budget!

Export and Share

Now that you’re satisfied with your 3D visual, export and share it. ONU allows for exporting to FBX for use in tools like Maya, 3DS Max or game engines like Unity. Sharing a link to your 3D visual has never been easier-others can review it on desktop or mobile devices using a web browser.

Lives in the Cloud

Eliminate the need for high-end workstations and PC-based software. ONU is the only cloud-based, CAD conversion, and optimization platform available on the market! Never worry about your data again–our AWS infrastructure ensures the ultimate in uptime, redundancy, and security.

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