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From optics to VR Rue Parmentier, La Farlède, France
Products & Services:3D high end visualization Date Founded:1989 Number of Employees:101-500 employees


Optimize your future products and increase your design productivity with OPTIS’ award-winning solutions

The virtual prototyping company

OPTIS, the virtual prototyping company, brings life and emotion to all industrial projects. Its world-leading solutions pave the way for a revolutionary design process: towards zero physical prototypes. Since 1989, OPTIS offers its expertise in light and human vision simulation couples with famous CAD/CAM software and dedicated virtual immersive solutions. This synergy creates true-to-life virtual mock-ups which are used as real decision-making tools. Today, more than 2500 clients in over 50 countries already trust OPTIS and innovate day after day with our solutions to ensure the look and safety of their designs, reduce their ecological footprint and bring their future products to the market faster.

The OPTIS experience

Live the OPTIS real-time experience, bringing life and emotion, as well as accuracy into your 3D high end visualizations. You will not only get simulations that are impressive and vivid, but even more, hyper-realistic and precise, freeing you from validating your projects virtually.

Discover the most outstanding and innovative virtual reality, ergonomics and perceived quality software, putting the best of its know-how and technological expertise at your service. Our solutions are adapted to a wide range of industries and, as CAD embedded software, are fully integrated in your design process. With these solutions, simply enjoy working in a collaborative environment at any stage of your product life cycle, from design to marketing, while optimizing the development time and cost thanks to a great flexibility and high efficiency. The OPTIS deal is, you have ideas, and we provide the powerful and accurate tools to help you realize them! Let your intuition speak as you create precise 3D visualizations, to build and directly see the future! With our cutting edge solutions, you can create and play with light as you see, feel and perceive in real time what you will get at the end! With OPTIS, your imagination and creativity are made limitless today, to build tomorrow’s projects.

OPTIS certified by CIE 171:2006

The accuracy of the OPTIS software results has been certified by all CIE 171: 2006 tests, according to a methodology comparing simulations with experimental tests. OPTIS is committed to provide you with the best quality products and we always strive for the best teams and partners.

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