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Qbit Technologies Inc

The Virtual Reality Company Palo Alto, California, Stati Uniti
Products & Services:virtual training, virtual e-Commerce, virtual marketing, virtual geo simulations, virtual conferencing, virtual assistants, virtual meetings. Augmented marketing, augmented training, augmented conferencing, augmented shopping, augmented tourism, augmented design. Date Founded:2012 Number of Employees:11-20 employees

Qbit Technologies is a Palo Alto boutique startup, specialized in the development of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions for enterprises. We focus on what we see as the first vertical applications for business purposes, developing specific products and solutions based on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies.

Our 3D virtual reality online solutions are based on open source Silicon Valley new technologies, enabling us to create interoperable and scalable 3D training simulations, 3D serious and business games, 3D collaborative environments, 3D e-Commerce solutions, virtual reality shops and showrooms, 3D marketing experiences, 3D virtual reality geo simulations, 3D museums, and virtual assistants.

We grow our knowledge by experimenting innovation and transforming it to create cutting edge business VR solutions, to assist organizations in their growth and their relationship with technology and the future, at a strategic and tactical level.

Qbit is a networked company formed by people who share the same values and vision. Our senior staff and some of our collaborators work in the field of virtual reality since over 10 years, while our advisers have mastered unique expertise in this field, through a number of outstanding experiences.

Our team is located between Silicon Valley in the US, and in Venice, Italy, allowing us to follow projects internationally and be near our clients, in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Our model for providing our clients with a strategic valuable advice that can be turned into action, is by the following key points:

– Bridging research and businesses.
– Creating links between new technologies and the business environment.
– Creating immersive innovative users experiences.
– Linking inventors, architects of the future eco-systems and the market.

We aim at positioning ourselves as a leading worldwide solution provider for Business Virtual Reality Solutions (BVRS), based on innovative technologies developed in Silicon Valley with our partners.

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