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The First AR Training Platform on Mobile Devices New York, NY 10004, USA
Products & Services:SENAR AR platform is made of: - SENAR app, available on iOS and android - SENAR Studio, user-friendly AR Cockpit to manage user profiles, and to measure their engagement and performance Number of Employees:6-10 employees

We are experts in educational AR experiences

In 2017, after developing more than 60 AR exhibits for museums around the world under our GuidiGO brand, we decided to apply our expertise to the field of professional training.

SENAR was established with the mission of increasing safety and performance in the workplace. To that end, we have built the first AR (Augmented Reality) training platform to quickly distribute simulators on mobile devices.

Trainees can now conduct real-time immersive training, directly from their phones, in situations that would be too hazardous, costly, or impossible to replicate in reality.
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