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ThreeDotZero Studios

Customer support for technology companies that really, truly, love their customers Seattle, WA, United States
Products & Services:Customer support Customer strategy Knowledge management Customer experience strategy Support outsourcing Social media management Date Founded:2016 Number of Employees:1 - 5 employees

ThreeDotZero Studios is a customer support specialist based in the UK and Seattle. We focus on emerging technologies, and VR/AR/XR is a key area for us.

Our belief is that expensive, complex products and services require a proper support strategy on the basis of high expectations from the consumer (and enterprise). Most companies ignore this problem until it’s too late. The ones that embrace the power of customer experience are the ones that will win against the competition.

Our service portfolio is wide;

Customer Service/Experience Strategy
Customer Service benchmarking / health-checks
Omni-channel / digital implementation
Performance optimization
Knowledge Management strategy
Knowledge outsourcing
Customer Service outsourcing
Service Incubator


We work with anyone from startup, to scaleup, to established businesses.

If you are launching a product or service, or have one already in the wild, and are trying to figure out the best approach to managing your customer base, then we’d love to talk.

Marketing Launch Strategy Brand Strategy
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