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Visospace Hoist @ The Locomotive Workshop, Eveleigh NSW, Australia
Call us anytime +61 0422 225 594
Products & Services:VR Hardware VR Development Haptic Feedback Locomotion in VR VR Arcade development Date Founded:2017 Number of Employees:6-10 employees

Visospace is a group of engineers and designers focused on providing
intuitive and user focused products that help create incredibly immersive VR experiences

We are creating tools to enable VR experiences that are engaging, useful and meaningful.

Our vision is to unlock the full potential of VR by increasing immersion and presence, enhancing the user’s experience through a deeper connection with the Virtual World.

We believe VR is the future of how we work, play and connect yet:

● Current methods of moving in VR feel un-natural and break immersion
● Using current controllers to move the ‘virtual self’ cause nausea (sim-sickness)
● We all want to reach out and feel the virtual world we see, but cannot

The full potential of VR cannot be unlocked until these pain points are solved

Unreal Engine WebVr Unity Oculus HTC Vive Gear VR PC Compatible Haptic Feedback Arcade Education Films Software
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