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The evolution of culture, through the XR World

I live in Italy, a country that hardly accepts to modify or renounce its traditions.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Sandro Botticelli, Filippo Brunelleschi, are “The Masters of the Renaissance” who contributed to the artistic birth of Florence in the 15th century.

How can we succeed, through new technologies, in enhancing such an ancient territory, full of art and culture? Are we to believe that important buildings, sculptures, paper books, paintings by great artists are now out of fashion, destined for extinction?

Can the XR World become a parallel world to ancient art exhibited in a museum? Can a virtual artist, who works with a viewer and controllers (handheld joypads), be considered a Michelangelo of the future? Are we ready for all this?

Some companies aim to spread applications that can “read” Augmented Reality, only by framing an image that triggers and starts a little animation with some additional information.

For the mass diffusion of this technology, it takes low costs and ease of use that allows people to upload their 2D images, in a very limited 3D environment and with little possibility of modification.

User agrees to create something over which he does not yet have full mastery.
Will we be able to get an economic return from the development we are doing today of Augmented Reality that it is not just a hope for the future?

I interviewed some Virtual Reality Artist, around the world, and I have seen their wonderful virtual paintings maked thanks to specific software, viewer and special joypads.

The audience of this art, is willing to wear a viewer to enter in this artistic world.

Are we sure that visitors to the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (Italy) would be willing to see Michelangelo’s David through a viewer? What do Virtual Reality Artists create? Can we always talk about art or do we have to split the concept and talk about digital creativity that is expressed in a way that is still unknown to many?

XR World there is need for creatives, but a platform has not yet been found that can give the artist greater creative freedom.

An artist in front of a white canvas, with brushes and colors, can paint the unthinkable.

In the XR World, programmed environments are offered that do not allow the creative person to invent anything that the programmer has not already thought of.

And if we give the artist the tools to develop software that can provide the tools necessary for the creation of digital art, we transform him into a programmer.

How can these two figures work together to develop something new?

My name is Cecilia Lascialfari and I’m a Creative Technology, Intuitive, and Video-Journalist.

I’ve been working in the Digital Department of the third largest Italian Publishing House for over 7 years, dealing with video and audio, AR, MR, VR, XR, 360 ° video’s, NFC.

I do research, following the most important technology Fairs in Europe and Worldwide to try to bring examples that are adaptable to the Italian reality.

In the picture from left: “Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore” in Florence; “Out of the Box” – VR installation at Linz – Ars Electronica Festival 2019; Ancient Italian Encyclopedia.

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Cecilia Lascialfari

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