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The Extension of Reality

Where do I start?

How does one begin to document history? Where do we start and how do we say it? How should we say it? And, why?

The purpose of this blog series is manifold. I have the pleasure of hearing from people everyday who’re building immersive technology. They share their stories of inspiration, obstacles and triumphs. Hard working folks from all backgrounds. Many that are working in giant awesome corporations that are building amazing hardware and software. Some who are working in startups that are in there 3rd and 4th years and others that have just begun. Some that are award winning, and some whom no one ever heard of before. There are those that have put in their last dime and all that’s left to give are tears and hard work. There are those who are seeking direction on where to start… and how to start and they who’re jovial and happy to have experienced XR in some fashion, and are left with a desire to want to contribute a verse of a story collectively we’re writing.

There’s much happening in the world of Spatial Computing right now, but the thing I’ve noticed that’s not happening as much, are the absent voices of the contributors of this industry. Sure, we have those (including myself) who speak on stages and travel around the world talking about this technology- but, I believe there’s a prevalent need to hear more. More input from the silent ones and not-often-so-heard people. Yes, we’ll have people you’ve definitely most likely have heard of, but, I do not believe we can afford to limit our communication of perspectives at a time like this for immersive tech development.

Why am I saying this? Well, a big part of the reason is because if we’re going to extend reality we must bring reality with it. I can’t imagine owning or wanting a technology that’s meant for everyone but not built by everyone.

Sure, some circumstances are what they are. Some teams and crews starting off are only so big. I can appreciate that. But we aren’t just building mobile apps. We’re adding to a continuum of a specific technology that’s been in development for decades. It’s an emergent applied science that must be equipped with diverse perspectives of culture, else, it’s not a true extension of reality. It will altogether be something else. No matter the color, no matter the gender, we need all hands on deck to lend their colloquial experiences and voices to the great-build.

The beautiful apex of colors that display and shine about in a naked and vivid contrast from one another, dancing in the centers of my eyes moving and swaying about with passive permissions, flying and feathering about. A cacophony of illuminated sequences winding and unwinding in computer vision. From one experience to another, and moment-to-moment. The unyielding and developed flow of a thing, manifested in its digital form and crafted glow.. a thing to see and share, a singular experience of millions, an art form emerging in spatial display. New environments, landscapes, scenes and created dreams. Undetermined impact, human emotional data extraction and a new experience of this thing we build everyday called technology.

In the non-simplest terms and the most convenient explanations and subtle points of inspiration... build together.

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Christopher Lafayette

Architect | VR /AR/AI/XR

Christopher Lafayette

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