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The Lost World of Spatial Computing

VR + AR will Never be Strong

Without Great Marketing!

Not going to happen.

Nor should it.

Thousands of hours.


Thousands of hours you’ve put into your beautiful platforms.

Only to fail by dismal marketing?

I see so many thousands of new platforms, headsets, content and machines of XR every year and 90 percent of them no one will barely know exists.

A lot of these brands have some type of bandwidth to market, it’s just they don’t know how. We’ve taken the 101 steps of mobile marketing on traditional social and have hit a dead end. You come across occasional content with an image, a couple words and a buy button. That’s it. We need more. We need much more.

This is one of the reasons I built the Immersive Directory.

Consumers/Enterprises Interested in VR + AR, take a look at the Immersive Directory.

Inside, you’ll find incredible Agencies from around the world and Amazing Augmented + Virtual Reality Platforms.

The very up-and-coming makers of Mixed Reality, incredible filmmakers and thought leaders in the immersion.

Quotes from industry members, brilliant technological platforms unlike anything you’ve ever seen and there even might be a brand or two that can help companies outside of XR in whatever endeavors they may seek when it comes to Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

Promoting the directory isn’t easy, but adding fresh blog content and building community helps; to better understand one another, support each other’s initiatives and to find ways to collaborate and share in marketing distribution in mutual ecosystems.

Marketing is treated as the lowest value in the pipeline of immersive development. While in fact it should be the second highest consideration, with culture buy-in as the first.

We cannot continue to treat the world of XR marketing or any other emergent technology as the mobile era. We have to dig deeper, tell more stories and really drive into the why of the matter. The “why” of the narrative will inevitably address the “what” and will in-turn drive consumption opportunities.

People want a story to buy with their purchases. Who made it and why is becoming a thing now. The transparent the internet is, the more privy we are to information. We want to know where our food comes from and where the materials in our furniture is made at etc.. with more information comes more intrigue.

In closing, wether we’re, developers, designers, writers, videographers, influencers, photographers, builders, thinkers or visionaries.. we all must become marketers. Yes, not super marketers in which to take on the whole profession; but marketers in the since of appreciation for the relevance and the process. This adaptive mindset will be great for your platforms and ultimately for the industry and world.

Christopher Lafayette

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Christopher Lafayette

Architect | VR /AR/AI/XR

Christopher Lafayette

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