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I never considered approaching Virtual Reality and immersive realities, it was pure chance how it entered my life. It all started with a challenge, creating 360videosin Colombia, where I live, so that they could be sold and exhibited abroad. I immediately loved the idea, being a VR pioneer in Colombia, in a place and time wherethere was not much talk about VR, could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. My background comes from audiovisual, mainly from the creationof documentary cinema with incursions in journalism. As a filmmaker without knowledge of the grammar of this new “language”, I have thrown myself on an empiric journey to discover and recognize this new environment. The goal was to learn how to use immersive technology to tell stories, transporting the audience to the place where events takes place and witness them. At the same time, I was taking a 360 camera where nobody had taken it before, allowing people to appropriate these “new screens” (VR headsets) with shocking contents.


In this solitary learning I have had good failures but I never give up. It has been difficult,without having referents in Colombia, to invest in professional equipment and cutting-edge software. At the end of this experimental and self-learning journey, I managed the entire workflow for the creation of professional-level 360 videos, even experimental versions in 8K resolution, without having the possibility to view the finished products because my PC did not have enough power to playback, at that time I didn’t even have a headset!


Much of this trip was a lonesome trial and error process where I was pushed to explore my limits and abilities. Being able to dialogue on different digital platforms with people from all over the world has been fundamental. People I have never met before, but like me, they are contributing and working on building a future for everyone. I found in thatpeoplegood advice, precious help and I have also shared my contributions in this new environment. Thanks to all this multiethnic, multicultural and technological community I have had the possibility to grow, break barriers, display content at festivals, create a company and spread knowledge, teaching new people at the same time. The key to success has been to dialogue as peers with all those who make up that incredible worldwidecommunity, without hierarchies. Like me, that people have also encountered or stumbled upon Virtual Reality in their path and never stopped betting on it.


At this moment of radical and vertiginous changesin the world, Virtual Reality has opened in me a space of hope. I deeply believe that the rules of ourfieldare not fully established, and we can all be surprised and leave room for experimentation and fantasy, thus building together a single path.

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Carlo Corinaldesi

Director & Creative XR

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